Atlas Rehabilitation for Canines

Atlas Rehabilitation for Canines is Santa Barbara's only free standing, full service animal rehabilitation facility led by certified professionals. In June of 2017, Karen Atlas, MPT, PT, CCRT, teamed up with Dr. Bill Otto, DVM, to open ARC and offer physical rehabilitation services to pets. ARC is fully equipped with the latest underwater treadmill, cold laser therapy (class 3b), therapeutic ultrasound, Alpha-Stimulation (CES and MET), pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF), electrical stimulation (NMES and TENS), as well as innovative land based exercise equipment.

About ARC Manual Therapy Conference

Education and collaboration in a vacation destination!


2 course offerings for 2018!
Basic Manual Therapy for the Canine Spine
MFR Therapies and intro to craniosacral therapy



Basic Manual Therapy for the Canine Spine: October 19-20, 2018

MFR Therapies and Intro to Craniosacral Therapy:
October 21-22, 2018
Santa Barbara, CA

20 People Max for each!


"You have asked...we have answered.  
Advanced canine rehabilitation educational opportunities have arrived on the West Coast!"


Laurie Edge-Hughes, 
BScPT, MAnimSt(Animal Physio),CAFCI, CCRT

Laurie obtained her degree in physical therapy (BScPT) from the University of Alberta in 1993. Following graduation, she worked in the intensive care unit at the Foothills Hospital (Calgary, AB) before practicing at a private physiotherapy clinic (Cochrane, AB). Her broad post-graduate education has been in the field of human and canine orthopaedics, including advanced assessment and treatment in spinal and extremity neuro-musculoskeletal conditions, postural stabilization, dynamic muscular stabilization, adverse neural tissue tension assessment and treatment, and osteopathic therapeutic techniques (i.e. muscle energy, craniosacral therapy, and functional indirect therapy). Laurie received her certification in medical acupuncture from the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute. She also obtained special dispensation to practice spinal manipulations in the province of Alberta.

Laurie has always demonstrated particular interest in the field of animal physiotherapy. Early on in her career, she completed numerous courses offered by the Canadian Horse and Animal Physical Therapists Association (CHAP) in this field. She initiated her practice with animals in 1993, integrating her skills and knowledge in physical therapy and rehabilitation in humans with her passion for animals. Laurie founded Four Leg Rehabilitation Therapy (Cochrane, AB) in 1997, where she provided physical therapy services to animals and their owners in the greater Calgary area. Laurie currently practices canine rehabilitation at The Canine Fitness Centre Ltd. ( in Calgary, AB, Canada a facility she established in 2004 in partnership with Dr. Amalia Rossi Campos MVZ, MSc and Dr. Manuel Campos, MVZ, MSc, PhD.  She recognizes the importance of continuing education, so she pioneered the only online educational resource for canine rehabilitation. (

Laurie's most recent accomplishment is the publication of her new book, Successful Practitioners in Canine Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy which just came out earlier this year!  It is now available on Amazon, so check it out! (



The month of October is Santa Barbara's best kept secret.  It is beautiful here!  The crowds are down, the sun is come a few days early or stay late and give yourself a chance to learn and then unwind (or be active!) in this wonderful vacation destination!


*16 Course Hours
*20 Attendees Maximum!
*Hands On Training with dogs
*Networking and Socializing
*Hosted Dinner one night
*All but one meal included (if staying at recommended hotel)