Atlas Rehabilitation for Canines

Atlas Rehabilitation for Canines is Santa Barbara's only free standing, full service animal rehabilitation facility led by certified professionals. In June of 2017, Karen Atlas, MPT, PT, CCRT, teamed up with Dr. Bill Otto, DVM, to open ARC and offer physical rehabilitation services to pets. ARC is fully equipped with the latest underwater treadmill, cold laser therapy (class 3b), therapeutic ultrasound, Alpha-Stimulation (CES and MET), pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF), electrical stimulation (NMES and TENS), as well as innovative land based exercise equipment.

Balance Therapy


Core strengthening and balance is a key component to orthopedic and neurologic recovery.  Here at ARC, we have a wide assortment of balance equipment in order to emphasize abdominal core strength. A strong core provides additional support to your pet’s spine to help prevent intervertebral disc problems and facet joint dysfunctions of the spine. Various balance exercises also are designed to decrease compensatory habits that your pet may have developed post-injury or surgery.


Balancing with three legs on peanut balls is an excellent way to build core strength! Bella had knee surgery on her left hind limb and this exercise allows us to specifically target left hind limb strengthening in addition to core strengthening.

Happy, the three-legged wonder dog, is learning how to move around since losing his left hind limb to cancer. This exercise promotes optimal balance as he learns how to navigate his world on 3 legs. Again, core strength plays an important role in rehab for a variety of conditions.