Atlas Rehabilitation for Canines

Atlas Rehabilitation for Canines is Santa Barbara's only free standing, full service animal rehabilitation facility led by certified professionals. In June of 2017, Karen Atlas, MPT, PT, CCRT, teamed up with Dr. Bill Otto, DVM, to open ARC and offer physical rehabilitation services to pets. ARC is fully equipped with the latest underwater treadmill, cold laser therapy (class 3b), therapeutic ultrasound, Alpha-Stimulation (CES and MET), pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF), electrical stimulation (NMES and TENS), as well as innovative land based exercise equipment.

Therapeutic Exercise


Strengthening is a key component to human physical therapy, and the same principals apply to the treatment of animals! Targeted strengthening can help decrease compensatory strategies to help improve your pet’s mobility and prevent further injury. Therapeutic exercises are also beneficial in neurologic recovery and in most circumstances we are effective in improving their quality of life. We use a variety of equipment including: Land Treadmill, Cavaletti Poles, Stairs, Ramps, and more! Each exercise is targeted towards helping your pet’s specific needs.

Cavalletti poles help promote weight shifting and improve proprioception.

Crouch walking is excellent for improving hind limb and core strength.

Jumping is a very effective exercise for pets working on returning to a high level of activity. This exercise is perfect for hind end strengthening and for building endurance.

Backwards walking on a land treadmill with her front limbs balancing on a fitbone allows Kona to emphasize her gluteals and hamstrings as well as strengthening the core at the same time.